Monthly Networking Event at Media Qube, October 2011

Media Qube

This eye-opening visit was a chance for our members to discover a large, impressively furbished studio including:

  • A drive-in greenscreen studio large enough to drive a Luton van all the way into
  • An internet radio station
  • A hot-desking computer room
  • Music studio
  • Extensive training facilities and experience, especially with aspirational local young people and performing artists
  • Leisurely, lofty open spaces, complete with a pool table and a roof terrace in development

It was remarkable to find that an extensive, self-funded facility like this has come so far in the heart of Birmingham without a big publicity drive - the invite to ourselves was the beginning of the Qube's initiatives, which will be well worth following in future, atĀ

The Producers' Forum is always looking for interesting facilities to host our events, for mutual benefit - if you think that your facility could be of interest, emailĀ Note that for the time being, our events and membership are centred upon Birmingham and the surrounding region - but we're certainly keen to expand soon!

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