Spotlight on Veronica McAleer

Our Sponsor Spotlight on  Veronica McAleer – award-winning film and TV makeup and hair designer whose long list of credits include Emmy-winning work for The Life And Death of Peter Sellers, and Oscar-nominations for both Mrs Brown and Shakespeare in Love.

Veronica has worked as personal hair and makeup artist for stars including Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany and Colin Firth, as well as personally designing hair and makeup for numerous movies.

Veronica McAleer (on the right) with her assistant Ashley Johnson
Veronica McAleer (on the right) with her assistant Ashley Johnson


While still being active in the industry, Veronica’s latest venture is training the new generation of makeup artists through the MAKUP ACADEMY FOR FILM AND MEDIA MAKEUP, based at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

The Academy specialises in providing high-quality intensive training designed specifically to get students “set ready”. The range of courses offers something for all abilities, from beginners to established artists looking to top up their skills or learn about specialist areas such as prosthetics or period makeup. Classes are kept small so that Veronica can give almost personal tuition, with regular visiting industry experts providing additional insights.



Unique to the Academy is MAKUP – THE AGENCY, where Veronica’s long and still-current experience in the industry really comes into its own.


All students are enrolled in the Agency, which matches both students and Academy graduates with exceptional opportunities in the media industry. The contacts that students make during work experience can lead to that all-important break to a first role as makeup assistant. So far all Veronica’s students have received placements or paid work through the Agency – Velina, for example, has been a prosthetics assistant for She Who Brings Gifts, and Matt was a makeup daily for the same production. Current students have also had work experience on a film recently shot in Birmingham called Jawbone.

Collage of work by makup students
Some of the incredible work of the Makup students

An offer to Forum members and friends of the Forum

Such practical and highly relevant support goes to the heart of the Academy ethos, which puts the focus squarely on the future of its students. However, the Agency isn’t just a service for students; it is also a unique facility for low budget productions.
Any production needing a makeup artist can call on Veronica’s services to fill a vacancy – with a brief or job description, she will tailor a selection of CVs and even mentor her students for a particular role. As this gives the students direct experience of the industry, it is a free service, but consideration towards travel and consumables is expected. With Veronica’s breadth of experience and skill in providing high-quality training, you can be sure of a perfect match!


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