Information for applicants


Information for applicants


The Film Marketplace is now in its 5th year and has proved very successful in bringing together filmmakers with key industry gatekeepers to help get their feature length projects moving toward the market.


If you have a either a fully completed feature length film ( fiction / documentary / animation) , OR a feature project in development and would like to be part of this year’s Film Marketplace then please complete the cover sheet and an application for each project (max 3)


This year we are also including High end TV drama series ideas.



Please provide a synopsis of each project no longer than the specified 100 words. This synopsis, along with your company details, will be included in a handbook and made available to all decision makers at the Marketplace. (You get an opportunity to list the decision makers you would like to pitch to and through the use of the handbook, you may find that the decision makers will actively seek you out.)


Please note that treatments/visuals will not be included in the handbook or required for application.  Any material that supports your project may be handed over on the day at the individual meetings.


Deadline for submission of application:  Early bird, 31 July; final deadline,

Now extended to noon on Friday, 15 September.

Please mark subject:  THE FILM MARKETPLACE BHAM 2017 and RETURN TO:


Those selected by the panel will be notified by 22 September.


Participating in the Marketplace

On accepting your place, you will be sent a list of meetings to choose from (we cannot guarantee all of your choices) along with an invoice. If your invoice is not paid by 29 September (BACS information will be supplied in the invoice), your place will be offered to someone else.


Each registration covers 1 individual.  You may bring one additional team member for a fee of £15.


You will have the opportunity to take THREE one-to-one meetings, lasting around 20 minutes each, to pitch an appropriate project. There’s a possibility of additional meetings if one of the decision makers seeks you out OR if there are available meeting slots on the day.


Registration Fees (for those accepted to the marketplace):

Members of The Producers’ Forum: Early bird £75 for submissions before 31 July); £95 after 1 August up to deadline of 7 September.

Non Members:  Early bird £110 for submissions before 31 July; £125 after 1 August up to deadline of 7 September.